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: Friday, May 17, 2013, 13:59

buyer filed dispute after he couldn’t resell what he bought from me

Recently I sold some fishing clothing on a Web site not ebay . The buyer was told if he wasn’t happy to let me no soon as and I would refund him . He got the goods on Monday morning tracked by me . I emailed him to let him no what day he would get and to let me no if he was happy with items which he didn’t . He is had paid me through PayPal to which they took another £7 pounds off me . I was wanting to purchase something with the money but waited a few days to make sure the guy didn’t complain of which he didn’t . 5 days after I was surfing ebay and noticed he had put my sold clothing on ebay . Obviously like a fool I let him knock me down in price and he had put the items on eBay to make profit . he had no bids on the items so I emailed him good luck . Which he then replied he wants his money back . Things got heated and not to my knowledge went to PayPal for a goods not as described refund . 10 days after I got a email off PayPal saying he had won the case and
gave him a refund . They also said they had emailed me 3 times throughout the dispute but that’s a lie no emails came to me only the you lost the case one . I no this guy uses ebay a lot and I think that’s why he won . He hasn’t sent my clothing back and PayPal now want the £200 off me . Is there any thing I can do . As soon as I can my PayPal account is over

Submitted By:: Jan

Location-: Grimsby, Lincolnshire


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