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: Wednesday, August 14, 2013, 14:40

Buyer broke item and filed “item not received” claim

I have had my account frozen because of a buyer claiming his item was not fit for purpose.
I sold him a segway type scooter which he initailly would not accept from the shippers because he did not want to pay the duty, so i paid it for him.
He then got the scooter which he bought for his son (13) on the first day he used it he sent me an email saying his loved it, but, had fallen off whilst riding in the park.
2 days later i get another email saying his son had had an accident and damaged the scooter whilst riding on the road,he sent me photos of the damage and i contacted the suppliers to get him a replacement part, because he said he now wanted to sell it as he feels it is to big for his son.
I said i would replace the parts for free and even offered to sell it for him, he then put in a claim with paypal as “item not received” which he lost, and now he has put in a chargeback with his credit card company.
So now paypal have blocked my account taking the £400 i had in the account and now it is -£1100 in the red, this has been going on for 4 weeks i have been told it can take well into August before they come to a decision in the mean time i was able to open another paypal account (business) so i can carry on trading.
I find the whole thing SUCKS why have paypal blocked my account when it is the credit card company who are looking into it, what the F*** has it got to do with them, the buyer is a total scum bag and is claiming his money back because his son illegaly road the scooter on a public road and hit the curb or something hard to cause damage.
I have called paypal, sent emails as evidence and photos and pointed out that his underage son was driving illegaly.
Why does it take so long… say i am pissed is an understatement.

Submitted By:: Basil

Location-: Jersey Island

One thought on “Buyer broke item and filed “item not received” claim
  1. Greg Field on

    Welcome to ebay world. We are all vulnerable to scammers. You sound like you will be eventually in the clear. They have an automated system that will shut down accounts when certain things happen. And they will always take a certain amount of time to resolve, so the time you have been waiting on this is not unusual. Try to get through to 2nd tier customer/account support. If someone tells you there is no such thing hang up and call back until someone knows what you mean. Get a supervisor, they will probably have someone call you back. If you can get then right person you can be helped, there are people who know how to push the right buttons and grease the machinery. Opening the second paypal account is the best thing you could have done I have had as many as four different paypal accounts and various times, and on two separate occasions I was able to leave them stuck with a negative balance and move on with another account. They play dirty, sometimes we have to as a result

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