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: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 10:20

Business School 101 (for PayPal)

1. Never insult your customers- Especially your best customers.

2. For every unhappy customer that you hear about (who posts here, for example) there are MANY more that remain quiet, but will never use you again.

3. Word of mouth is everything, and unhappy customers talk more than happy customers.

4. It is harder to make a new customer than to retain an old customer.

5. Long-term customers who have spent lots of money with you need to feel cherished and appreciated. If, instead of rewarding them, you insult them, they will turn especially bitter.

The above is just in case the CEO of PayPal never attended business school–or slept through classes.

Submitted By:: IC

Location: Montecito, CA, USA


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