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: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 10:44

Both my wife and I got our Paypal accounts shut down

Paypal limited my account saying that i had another account that was taking part in a suspicious activity so decided to limit my account and wanted me to provide valid documents of my identity eg passport, driving licence bank statement. The account in question was my wife who sold some high value items and then decided to spend all the money in the account on a new shower unit which was not cheap but paypal limited the account and ebay also suspended the account. No matter what she said or did they did not budge. Two years on and my account suddenly gets limited and i contact paypal and they say that i had 2 accounts and they are limiting my account until i supply the revealant info. After there review they are now closing both accounts and will need to wait 6 months for my money. what a nightmare.

Submitted By:: Young William

Location-: Tacoma Washington

3 thoughts on “Both my wife and I got our Paypal accounts shut down
  1. Shanieka on

    Yeah stupid paypal policy does not allow 2 accounts under one roof/address. They do not consider that you may have someone else besides yourself living with you like a spouse/roommate/parent/sibling that also is using paypal.
    Paypal probably waited until you had some money in your paypal accounts and then BAM! They are going to shut you down and hold your money for 180 days… earn interest.

  2. BallroomBliss on

    gosh hopefully you get your money! Paypal monsters pulled some crap with me. I had an account in college and owed like $35 on it, well I reopened an account 4 years later, processed susccessfully for about 8 months then BAM they closed my account due to the old balance, saying it was fraud or suspicious.

  3. JohnMellins on

    They are as backwards as it gets.

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