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: Friday, March 16, 2012, 13:39

Bitter buyer got me banned for life

I have been selling on ebay for 3 years and pull in approximately 1K a month. Not much, but it helps to pay for the simple bills and the savings adds up.

One fine morning, I sold a shirt that I got from a garage sale. I advertised it as it is – based on the label and the condition that it is in.
Out of the blue, this buyer claimed that it was a fake and not authentic.
It was a used shirt, that I have explained that came from a garage sale.
I duly refunded. She was still pissed and left a negative feedback and reported to ebay that I was selling fake items.
All because of one shirt.
Within 24 hours, my paypal account was suspended. With up to $800 dollars of my money.
No amoount of call or fax ever worked. In the end. Even after closing my ebay account – I am not forever banned. They have all my info in their system.
All because a bitter buyer just decided to spite somebody.
If you are pissed at Walmart, you can complain and try to get some compensation. No single buyer can destroy a running business just on their whim and fancy.
If I am a bitter person, I could take it on me to destroy sellers on ebay by posting fake complaints. But I am not that kind of a person and it is sad, that a single person – who may not even be a significant person could destroy a running business.

Submitted By:: Nat Collins

Location-: Alexandria VA


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