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: Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:38

BEWARE: If you return a FAKE all the Seller has to do is not pick it up at Post Office

I purchased a version of the Rosetta Stone software off E-bay using PayPal. The listing stated it was 100% authentic and located in Ottawa, Canada. Not until I received my tracking number did I find out the product was actually coming from China. I specifically did not buy this product from a Chinese seller because of their reputation of producing copies.

Before I get the software the Seller contacts me and asks for positive feedback, and states that he will give me a $5 rebate to do this. I say no way until I get the software.  So I get it and it will not work in my computer. Not until I buy the actual product in a local Store do I know that it is 100% fake. I file a dispute claim and am told I have to pay to return it. Despite finding this morally inappropriate (returning a fake item to a fraudulent seller at the buyer’s expense – is basically giving a thief a free pass) – but I decided that the $263.78 I spent on the item was more important to me than my moral objection and the $45.57 in return shipping. The seller emails me that the Ottawa address provided by PayPal is incorrect (doesn’t take a rocket scientist at this point to figure it out) he gives me an address in China. After I have provided the seller with the tracking info he contacts me and asks that it be directed to a different address. I tell him that it can’t be redirect and he tells me he will have to pick it up at the post office. So I now have to rely on a person that has lied about everything in this transaction including where to return the product to pick it up. What I didn’t know, and have now found out after speaking to you’re a Paypal customer service rep, is if he doesn’t pick it up he gets to keep my money. Which is what has happened. My tracking number proves the product has been in China for 38 days and he has yet to pick it up. I received my email today telling me my claim has been closed. So here I sit $309.35 poorer, no product (not even a fake one) and an email telling me to contact the seller directly to work it out. The seller that lied about the product, where the product is located, where to return it, that he would pick it up at the post office, I thinking that it is not going to work.

Submitted By:: Ms. MacPherson

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada


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