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: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 13:36

Below seller standards

It should be as illegal for paypal to be owned by ebay as it is for tmobile to be owned by att. I have “below standard” seller rating so ebay and paypal mess with my money and ability to sell. I cant sell as much as i used to on ebay and I cant have my money as fast as i used to be able to on paypal all because of the star rating system that is filled out when feedback is left the people that purchase from me. Last year 12/09 I went into the hospital had emergency surgery and spent a month there, I had items that needed to ship and open orders I received 9 negatives due to that, did ebay listen to what happen and delete the negatives no!!!!!!!!!! they still punish me for getting sick! It is funny that my mortgage and utility companies have a heart about my hardship and ebay/paypal doesnt

Submitted By:: Brian

Location-: OK


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