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: Friday, August 10, 2012, 10:37

Bank verification and hold times on phone

Took over a week to verify my bank account. I had to call and give them the amount of the deposit over the phone. Customer Service Rep verified my account, I paid an invoice. Two hours later I get 3 emails saying PayPal was unable to verify my account and that I must have typed the account number in wrong. I called PayPal to find out WTF is going on. While I am typing this I have been on hold for 59:47. Yes, I have been on hold for an hour. How many complaint calls must they be getting to put me on hold for now over an hour? I told my attorney if he sends me another bill via PayPal, he is fired. I will no longer offer PayPal on my web site or use them to pay invoices. Competition will put PayPal out of business and I will do a happy dance when they do. They should change their name to NoPayPal or NoAnswerThePhonePal

Submitted By:: Kerrie

Location-: Fairfield WI

2 thoughts on “Bank verification and hold times on phone
  1. Roanld on

    Over an hour on hold is ridiculous! Although it really doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure they get a ton of complaint calls with their horrible services, and I’m sure they have enough reps to handle the call volume. There are a lot of alternatives to paypal. I personally went with merchantinc because they had the best fees around.

  2. Gilbert on

    Oh I would imagine that paypal has quit a few people calling them, the people that can find their phone number that is. Why don’t they just list their phone number on their homepage? Instead you have to go looking for it, logging in to your account and get a wed ID before you get a phone number to call. And even if they answer after an hour it is very doubtful they’ll be willing to help you. Prepare to be put on hold and transferred.

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