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: Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 22:00

Arbitrarily Limited My Account

My PayPal account was limited sometime in April I think. This essentially means that the account is closed because it is not useable. A person can sign into paypal but not use it to do anything. No paying for things with paypal, no sending or receiving funds. Nothing. According to the written information on the website there were “multiple addresses associated with my account”, which is not true.

I called about this matter to inquire as to why and how I could rectify the situation. I was told that there was no reason specifically (despite what was written onto the account notes on their website) but that according to the PayPal business model that our business relationship was no longer viable. That’s it. I spoke to multiple supervisors and was told the same thing. Even more that was nothing I could do about this and this was a permanent decision that could not be revoked.

I have had this account for more than five years. Never have I ever had a problem with abiding by any of the paypal terms and agreements and over the years I have referred many people to use PayPal services. My account was Always in Good Standing until it was limited (closed). To add insult to injury almost everyone that I spoke to about this was insufferably rude, assuming that I had done something wrong or illegal rather than entertaining the reality that maybe, just maybe, PayPal had Made a Mistake!

After multiple phone calls and emails I decided to tell them to lock the account so that no one can sign into (my financial information, addresses and phone numbers etc. is still on the site) the account. So now I can do almost nothing on Ebay since that is their primary form of payment and have subsequently closed my ebay account too. This is not worth the frustration. Maybe one day they will learn how to effectively screen people.

Submitted By:: A.W.

Location: Chicago, IL USA

2 thoughts on “Arbitrarily Limited My Account
  1. Sharme on

    I have a feeling this is going to be a much bigger problem for ebay users, this has happened to me 2 times in 2 weeks. I gave them the information they demanded and answered their survey about the experience, and here I am one week later with the same problem. I can’t even pay off my bill and close the account because of the limitation and they say it’s just random for my protection.

  2. Marvin McConoughey on

    My account was also limited after I claimed non-delivery for a book ordered from (associated with EBay, owners of PayPal). Even though I was entirely innocent, PayPal refused to rescind the limitation. I discovered that PayPal is using security services from an Israeli firm. Chances are, that the low level functionaries that you talk to have near-zero knowledge of your case, or of how to intelligently review all the facts surrounding your case. You are the victim of a sometimes tone-deaf and inept organization.

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