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: Monday, July 29, 2013, 14:29

Another Avenue for PayPal complaints

Contact the US Senator that represents your district. It does help to vote but although I do not think the Senator can find out if you voted for them when you say you did make sure you do if not in the past but in the future (double or triple negative – huh). Give the Senators office a signed release to talk on your behalf and let them go and take the offending party apart piece by piece.

The Senator’s office is not going to solve all of the problems however when these Senator’s are on Capitol Hill who do they eat lunch or dinner with? Someone that is on some committee or drafting some form of legislation that will have a bigger impact than what you suggest. I will try some of the things that you are suggesting but what I just stated is a good source for all to see.

Submitted By:: Dude

Location-: USA


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