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: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 12:47

Always Problems Using Paypal

Once again – I tried to make a payment through pay pal and it tells me to enter a different credit card. I call the bank to see why it was declined and they said it hadn’t. Pay pal never even pinged it. I entered it 4 times – never pinged my card once. I bought a gift for my wife on Ebay and the seller ONLY accepts pay pal. I can’t get in touch with anyone at pay pal so I can’t pay for the order. This kind of thing has happened every time I’ve tried to use pay pal. I cancelled my pay pal account years ago because I kept getting fraudulent charges and pay pal would do nothing – now I try to pay as a guest and it doesn’t work any better. Someone needs to get it together and put them out of business – worst service on the net.

Submitted By:: August

Location-: Coopertown


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