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: Monday, February 20, 2012, 14:27

All my account information is in Chinese

My account is now published in Chinese. I have to use the translator in Chrome in order to see my account, since I don’t read or speak Chinese. I’ve sent several emails to PayPal asking them to fix it or tell me how to fix it with no response. When I tried the email today, the translator would not work at all. Even the 866 phone number was answered by a person speaking Chinese. I have put in for a transfer of funds to my bank account and must now wait 3-4 business days for the transaction to take place, even though this is an electronic transfer. Paypal must be the only people on the planet that have this problem. I’ve dealt with other business and the electronic transfer takes minutes not days!! I’m disgusted!

Submitted By:: Janeth Gomez

Location-: Apparently China


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