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: Monday, July 9, 2012, 10:41

All I am getting is the run around and no help at all

I have had problems with ebay. I have been a ebayer since 2008 and have had 4 accounts under my name all of which have been fine, ive always paid on time, never had any strikes nor have I done anything wrong e..g broken any policies. Recently I had to go away to suddenly to canada as my uncle was involved in a serious car accident after which he was rushed to hospital in critical condition. it was touch and go for him. I literally had to book a ticket straight away and happened to be there for 2 months before i flew back to Uk. I was a very active ebay buyer and would usually bid for lots of items sometimes even 30 maximum at a time from a combination of accounts however never more then two, ( the other 2 accounts were shared accounts which if i had to buy anything for family and friends i would use a separate ebay account to do it so my purchases were not mixed with theres. anyway I was away for 2 months , well just over and coming back to ebay, i found alot of purchases i had paid for hadn’t arrived and i had received lots of royal mail red slips saying i had missed delliveries, many items which were sent in standard post but were too big to push through the mail slip in the door. I had to open a lotof item not arrived cases on both of these accounts because when i went to the delivery depot , as i thought, the items were no longer kept there and had been returned to senders. with the exceptions of two which were sent to be destroyed as they had no sender details and have reached the 5 weeks unclaimed mail waiting period for which mail is held. i explained this to ebay in cases, however ebay suspended my account for misuse of ebay protection policy, and so all four accounts got suspended. in my first original account te message told me to reply back to be given a list of requirements to take care of to to considered for reinstatement of my account. however I didn’t hear anything back for 2 weeks which obviously was an automated email f
room customer support just acknowledging my email. I re-messaged maybe 5 or 6 times from that account and another 4 times from the second account and 3 times for the other 2 accounts but no one has got back to me. I have spoken to ebay live support and the advisors have been very helpful. any replies i have received eventually have been pointless and useless to be honest as they have just said i have been suspended ‘indefinitely’ due to misuse of the ebay protection which i havent done :/ i have been away and all my items i paid for went sent back with the exception of the smaller ones which were posted through door. ebay are not ready to listen or help me at all.ebay do not give me a specific number for the relevant team instead just have directed me to general customer services who all claim they cannot help me because my case requires a specific department who deals with specialist cases like mine however nody is giving me the details i need. its pathetic nobody is helping me, or understanding my situation or even giving me options of how to reinstate my account and what i will need to do or show ebay before they will even consider it. the email replies do not address my concern and they just seem to be telling me again and again why they have suspended my accounts. the servce i have been geting is pathethic. on my accounts i had 100% positive ratings in my feedback , with one account having nearly 300 ratings, the other nearly 200, and the others around 100 and 90, so i was an active and regular user. i cant believe how poor the service is.:(

Submitted By:: Trish

Location-: Milbridge

2 thoughts on “All I am getting is the run around and no help at all
  1. milly on

    I am sorry for not being more sympathetic with you but you kind of left a lot of sellers hanging by having their product shipped back or destroyed. I am sorry about your uncle being sick and all but if you look at if from ebay and the sellers point of view I think you can kind of understand. Your problem is not their problem they mearly wanted to sell their product. I do agree with you that the customer support is awful and very unwilling to help whenever there is a problem.

  2. Lucas M on

    I do agree that their customer service is horrible but you did leave the sellers in a bad position. I know that due to the circumstances you had to leave to Canada rather quickly but you should have had a friend check your mail for you and pick up any packages that were delivered. That probably would have avoided the whole mess your currently in

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