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admin : Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 14:09

Accused of money laundering

Got my paypal account frozen because i used a computer not belonging to me ( it was at my mothers house )when i got home i went to the paypal site, logged on only to be told your account has been frozen please follow these steps to correct this,i would not mind but i only had £1.20 in the account at the time,i sent them all the identification they needed to confirm who i was and my account was restored, 2 weeks later i had a payment of £80 now once again my account has been limited because of this amount and i got a message saying they think i might be money laundering ( total waste of time )

One thought on “Accused of money laundering
  1. krf on

    I think you can only get help if you mail the ceo I hope you get your matter resolved. that is very messed up.

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