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admin : Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 9:04

Account locked for non US resident


I have a verified US Paypal account and US bank account – I’m an French citizen not resident in the US. PayPal started to ask my tax number because of the Internal Revenue Code Section 6050W. I am not a US citizen and can’t provide this information, since I I do NOT pay taxes in the US (nor charge any taxes when I sell something on Ebay). After called their support help line, they guy there was just stuck repeating again and again the same phrase, even after I said I wasn’t from the USA, and cannot provide a tax number. He just kept asking for one. So I hang up and then discovered they blocked my account and also my Ebay account too (cannot sell any more at the moment).
Then, when logging on my PP account, I’ve discovered that they wrote as reason of the account being locked the following “Dec 27, 2013 : We had trouble confirming the information on your PayPal Debit MasterCard application. The Resolution center has some additional information we need before we can move forward.”

I never ever asked nor filed any PayPal Debit MasterCard application. They just used this I guess in case I wanted to sue them or something.

So now I am stuck with no possibility available, and over $2000 blocked in my account by PayPal.


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