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: Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 13:49

Account limited by paypal

Paypal sent me an email stating that my account had been limited. I called and spoke to a customer service rep who could not find anything wrong with my account so she sent it for review. I received another email from paypal the next day stating that my review had been denied. I called paypal and spoke to another customer service rep and then his supervisor who both told me that my account was being closed and I was no longer able to use paypal now, nor in the future. They would not disclose the reason why. I was told that I would need a court subpeona if I wanted to find out the reason why but there would be no recourse anyway. The supervisor also stated that paypal had the right to refuse service to anyone. And I guess that includes me: a 9 year loyal customer who has never had a credit problem or an issue with paypal or ebay

Submitted By:: John Smith

Location-: U.S.A


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