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: Thursday, March 14, 2013, 11:29

Account Limitations

Paypal placed a hold on my account (they call it a ‘limitation’) that is preventing me from purchasing an item on eBay. The hold was placed on the grounds that Paypal had detected some allegedly suspicious activity with the bank account I was using to fund the purchase on eBay, and the hold was placed within hours of me making the eBay purchase. No clear explanation of the ‘suspicious activity’ has been given.

I have made multiple phone calls, spent over 90 minutes waiting on hold, and sent multiple emails, only to get no response or canned emails directing me to Paypal’s Resolution Centre webpage to find out how to resolve the hold on my account. The problem is that the Resolution Centre page offers no clear instructions on what I am supposed to do. All that it does say is the system is waiting for completion of an ACH transaction, even though the purchase I attempted to make was subsequently reversed and then cancelled. I’ve alerted the seller to the problem, and he has re-invoiced me for the purchase in hopes that Paypal will fix the problem. Although I have a sneaking suspicion (there’s that word again) I’m going to have to ask the seller to cancel the whole deal entirely, at the risk of taking a hit to my otherwise-perfect reputation on eBay because I don’t think Paypal are going to be able to resolve the problem I have in a reasonable time.

What’s worse is that Paypal have already taken money from my bank account on a transaction that is supposedly cancelled and reversed. Because of the limitation, they’re also holding some monies owing to me from an eBay sale I made to someone.

I’ve since tried reaching Paypal via some of the email addresses posted on the site, and a few I found over at the site. All have bounced, save for I have tried using some of the ‘secret’ Paypal phone numbers available at The Consumerist, only to discover they’re nonexistent extension numbers within Paypal, or to end up with the same lame, useless toll-free number that Paypal advertises on its main site.

I have since forwarded a copy of my email to Paypal to the president of eBay. So far it hasn’t bounced, but I’ll be surprised if I get a response.

In the meantime, I’m going to fire off complaints to the US Federal Trade Commission and to various consumer protection agencies in Canada, since that is where I live. If I don’t get any kind of satisfaction from Paypal on this, it looks like I’m going to have to sue them to get my money back. If I do, I’ll definitely be asking for significant damages for the way they have negligently inflicted emotional and mental distress on me because of their worthless customer service.

Submitted By:: Steve

Location-: USA


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