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admin : Monday, January 20, 2014, 10:13

Account with debt linked to my account

Paypal sent me an email saying that they have determined I have another account that I owe $2300 on. They say will withdraw it from my linked accounts. They claim the account was used on the same computer as me. It was actually my adult son’s email address that they showed me. When he was staying with us he used my IP address for his ebay business. They seem to think that I am the same person. How do I convince them that it wasn’t me? They say I have 14 days to “file an appeal” with them. I haven’t been able to call, as it is a weekend and they are not open until Monday. I know my son does not have the ability to pay it and I am not going to pay it either so how can I protect the funds in my account? I can see if this was my 14 year old son racking up debt but I am not responsible for what my adult son does.


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