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: Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 16:43

Accessed my bank account instead of my credit card

I bought an item online from Wal Mart using my Pay Pal account. I knew my balance wouldn’t cover the total, but had a credit card listed which was supposed to be used for the remainder. When I noticed a debit to my bank account from Pay Pal I called them for details. I was told they deducted the balance from my bank account. I hit the ceiling!! I had NEVER authorized access of my account. The only reason I had it linked to my P/P account was to transfer funds. As of this moment I’m removing my bank account info from P/P & will only use my credit card. I feel sorry for all the serious sellers on that site who will then have to accept credit cards because P/P is such a *&^%$!!

Submitted By:: Kittye

Location-: Louisiana

One thought on “Accessed my bank account instead of my credit card
  1. Scott Zent on

    paypal always have their little tricks to get you. i mean, really how stupid does paypal think the clients are. That you would never notice the charges on your account! Any normal person that sees any unauthorize transaction on their account would immediately do something about it! i know i would. paypal smart but not smart enough!

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