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: Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 16:34

Can’t access my PayPal credit card online

I have not been able to access my PayPal Extra credit card online since August, 2010. PayPal credit cards are managed by GE Money Bank. I have called and written both PayPal and GE Money Bank. I have received nothing but excuses about “system problems”.

Now I have filed a complaint with the BBB in Silicon Valley and recently have filed a complaint against GE Money Bank with the Federal Trade Commission.

Buyer beware, when you call about your PayPal credit card you are calling a GE Money Bank call center in India. It helps to know the Hindi language.

I should have at least 70,000 reward points. I have no access to these either. I see this as a case of fraud and I am pursuing it accordingly. I have a stack of letters sent and only one received. I have wrote the President of PayPal with no response. I would simply cancel the card IF I could be assured it would be canceled. At present all I know is that calling the customer assistance number only gets someone who sounds like the guy on the commercial named Peggy and it gets the same response seen on the same commercial.

I am extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with both GE Money Bank and PayPal.

Submitted By:: JWL

Location: Texas City,TX USA

One thought on “Can’t access my PayPal credit card online
  1. RCF Communications on

    I am with GE and sorry to read you are not having a good experience. Can you kindly send your contact phone number to so that I can have a specialist reach out to you directly? Please do not send or post your personal account information or credit card number.
    GE RCF Communications

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