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: Monday, May 23, 2011, 14:21

PayPal’s abusive “limited account”

I would like to present you with a situation completly discriminating, of how PayPal treats their customers-

I have opened an account with PayPal and have verified it with a credit card attached to my account. The credit card appears as verified. I then received the amount of USD 750 from the affiliation forex trading, PayPal retained fees of USD 30.

Next I made a withdrawal of USD 720 and after a single day, PayPal limited my account and canceled the withdrawal. PayPal asked for some details of the transaction, I have explained them, then they asked for every posible documentation to proove my identity and I have uploaded them into the website.

My account was closed with no explanation what so ever, they are not answering to any e-mail. I have discussed this issue with Anyoption several times, asking them to take the money back from PayPal if they don’t want to give them to me.

Then, I have asked PayPal by e-mail to return the amount back to the sender.
Please understand that there is no dispute between myself and We don’t have any problem. PayPal just intervined between us and refuses to send the money either way, they even refuse to mention their existence.

Why aren’t they answering to e-mails anymore ?
Why aren’t they verifiying my documents ?

I am firmly convinced, no matter what you answer, that PayPal is stealing people’s money. How can I solve this problem when the ones who have stolen my money are not even answering to e-mails anymore ? How can I contact them by phone, if they keep you on hold the entire day ?

Submitted By:: Liliana Stefanescu

Location: tg -jiu , ROMANIA


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