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: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 14:04

A dreadful experience altogether

A dreadful experience altogether, bought three sets of furniture from three sellers, one had a piece missing and another piece duplicated and wanted photos sent of the problem which I refused, I insisted on a full refund including my postage and seller to collect at his expense which he did. Another company sent table which included two damaged parts although credit to them they sent two replacements the following day. Third company whose website I didn’t check sent me two sofa beds badly damaged and insisted on photos of damage being sent, were very belligerent and uncooperative, agreed to refund my full amount including postage providing I removed negative feedback which I refused to do. I also had to return the sofas at my expense as they did not cover this and I believe they don’t cover expenses for exchanges either. I find this to be preposterous and the help centre is no good whatsoever , all the staff I spoke to are in the Philippines and you get the same useless answer also when you talk to them using the live option on the site. All ebay are interested in is the fees they collect from the sellers they are not one bit interested in the unfortunate buyers, they say postage paid by buyers sending goods back to sellers are nothing to do with them. What drivel they should be making sure that buyers don’t get ripped off and this is what’s happening, why should we lose money through no fault of our own, The company that sold the sofas boasts on it’s website that all furniture is personally inspected before dispatching, this is patent nonsense also they stated the goods were signed for as if the condition was perfect and there was no problem. Yes you sign for them because the courier won’t stand by whilst you unpack them and examine them. I have had a similar experience on Amazon I believe another of their affiliated sites, the spars of a bed broke about four weeks after it was bought, shoddy cheap manufactured goods and
now I have to send a photo of damage and the bed is ruined, it’s taped together and propped up on books. Never again will I deal with such rubbish as Ebay, Paypal and Amazon.

Submitted By:: Edith

Location-: Isle Of White


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