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: Sunday, March 13, 2011, 21:34

9 Year Old Account Forced To Verify After Reaching $10,000 Limit

I have had my Paypal Account since 2002. It is backed by 2 credit cards of mine. I have never had my bank account linked to my PayPal account.

All of sudden yesterday Paypal declined a payment I wanted to make as I had “reached my $10,000 limit on sending/receiving funds”.  Now they say I must verify by linking a bank account or applying for a Paypal credit card. I have no interest in doing either.

My feedback is 100%, and I have had NO chargebacks or anything negative against my account in 9 years. This sounds just like a way for PayPal to gain access to information that they don’t need to have.

I will be closing my account..

Submitted By:: Katie E

Location: Edwardsville, Illinois

29 thoughts on “9 Year Old Account Forced To Verify After Reaching $10,000 Limit
  1. Gman on

    Had the same issue last week.
    Been doing Ebay for 10 yrs using my Chase Visa.
    I refuse to get Verified and give Paypal my bank info. Just asking for trouble. My card company will back me and ever contact me if suspected fraud. PukePal Sucks
    I just closed my account.Ebays loss not mine.
    Found better deals at Amazon and Overstock etc.

  2. crftygrdnr on

    Ditto above comments. Member of PayPal from day 1. 100% feedback and suddenly I reached my limit. I refuse to give them my bank information or sign up for PAYPAL charge card.

    Goodbye PAY PAL and EBAY it is obvious you do not want my business anymore.

  3. Spitt on

    That’s not actually due to PayPal, but the US government. PayPal being located within the USA, has to do this kind of thing, for all customers. Much of this came down after 9/11 and the terrorist attacks.

  4. on

    Just was informed of the same thing by PayPal — unless they continue to have direct access to my checking account my spending limit has now gone down to zero! I can still make purchases, they assured me several times with a straight face, I just can’t spend more than zero. They are simply trying to force all users to sign up for the PayPal credit card — that’s all they are about.

  5. Jade on

    I have had the same problem. I’ve been using paypal just as long as you, and have with 100% feedback and all of a sudden i am asked to verify an account when i have a credit card backing it. considering I do not reside in the US but pay separately from a US address where stuff bought online is delivered to where I actually reside. It is sad that its come to this, cause i’ll miss shopping on ebay and I had to close my paypal account.

  6. alwayswatching on

    This had nothing to do with the U.S. Government, Homeland Security or any IRS money laundering regulations, this is strictly PayPay trying to get into your pocket, any time they tell you it’s a government regulation ask them what is the exact regulation that requires this and they will not be able to give it to you because none exist, it is a PayPal lie.

  7. 3MD on

    Same thing- met my 10,000 limit after 9+ yrs of flawless buying and i have my own ccard with a zero balance and they want access to my bank account and/or get their 25%+ interest rate ccard! So until i can renew my account with the same ole card I WANNA use, they can stick it! They are gonna lose lots from me come Xmas time- greedy! Dont play their game!

  8. Mark Lanini on

    Had the same thing happen to me this past sunday. Received an email saying I was close to the $10,000 mark and I would have to get verified by giving paypal my bank account number, and bank routing number. This the email went on to say was for fraud protection. I called paypal that monday and was told it was because they had trouble collecting money from folks who used paypal. I use a visa check debit card and the money is taken out of my account ASAP. I told her I had no intention of giving my bank information or applying for the paypal credit card. I was then told when I reached the $10,000 mark my paypal account would be cancelled. Like everyone else I have a 100 percent feedback rating but that don’t count. For some reason they want personal information and that request they can stick. Adios ebay and paypal.

  9. Swvue04 on

    I also received my notice and I will be canceling. As all of you have noted, Paypal is more interested in reducing costs by adding your checking account. Apparantely, CC fees are higher than what a bank would charge for a checking account transaction. Ironically, they would love for you to open a Paypal CC, since all profits will go to them. Goodbye Ebay and Paypal.

  10. gofastgo on

    Same here, been with both for as long as I can recall, 429 transactions, two CC’s on file, both with high limits, won an auction and Paypal refused to send money, I did what everyone above did, closed account with both.

    Approx. 13% isn’t enough in total for these people.

  11. Michael on

    Please make sure you complain to your state attorney general office about this -only thing which will get them to change is being forced to.

  12. Saddened on

    I have also received the email, also not going to give them the info.

  13. Cathy on

    I had the exact same experience. Had PayPal for over 10 years, 100 percent positive feedback. Received several e-mails saying I was within $1,000 of a $10,000 limit. All of a sudden yesterday I went to pay for something and my account was “Denied” because I reached my $5,000 limit??!! Won’t answer e-mails. Live Customer Service is a joke, they just keep saying, “You need to verify.” Why? I don’t sell, only buy. Will also be closing my account. I hope more people also drop them.

  14. danny on

    me also been frozen after reach $10,000 . they say will call my customer to ask do they receive or happy with ours service,.
    and no give any refund date ,. fuxxxxx company

  15. danny on

    they hold $$ after reach $10’000 pay pal really make my business drop and get negative feedback .
    , they hold my money make me unable to pay my supplier .
    i give them all the thing they request finally . we need 30 days for verifier ,
    never paypal again ‘

  16. tr woods on

    same thing happened to me over 10 years with verified bank and cr crd. now they want picture id SS# and a bill with my address on it. in this day and age it is a shame ebay and paypal have to be so greety. every body should put this on facebook and tweeter and join in on this. i contacted the vendor and told him about paypal and he said to mail a check if i really wanted the item. so there goes paypal.

  17. David on

    I dont understand you all, Paypal verifies so that you can’t launder money and do other ilegial things. Why cant you guys accept reality?

  18. Mike on

    I just had a similar situation on my 11 year old account. The difference, is I’ve been verified for 11 years; I changed banks and deleted the old bank account, wasn’t intending to add a new one, didn’t think that’d be a problem given the age of the account. I then went to pay a bill using my Paypal balance and boom – denied due to the $10k cap. HOWEVER it took all of 15 minutes to call Paypal, tell them what had happened and that rep WAS able to override the limit. My account is still “unverified” because I’m refusing to add a new bank account but the limits were indeed removed. Rather than coming to some random forum and ranting, why don’t you try giving them a call and at least attempting to get the issue resolved?

  19. Jazmyne on


  20. Brian on

    I just closed my account for the same reason. It was easy to do by going through the Profile menu. I am not going to cave under their pressure. There was a lot of ways to send money before PayPal. . Sounds like an opening for a budding finance company.

  21. angryman on

    I did the verification and now my bank account has been charged by the PayPal app problem and cost me $60 NSF. DO NOT GET VERIFIED UNLESS YOU DESIRE BANK ACCOUNT PROBLEMS. Contact Us is a joke [bad one] it is NEVER PayPal’s fault even with bad new app, you just do not know how to use their program. And, do not forget, it is their User Agreement which applies. No solutions, just more red tape and run-arounds.

  22. ACMierzeje on

    Like so many others, I was warned that my PayPal account would be frozen if I did not verify my account before reachnig the $10,000 limit. It have been using EBay and PayPal for many years. My PayPal account is backed by a credit card. I attempted to obtain a PayPal credit card and was refused. I attempted again a month later and was refused again. I received an email message afer the first refusal indicating that PayPal could not verify my identity. After teh second refusal, I spoke with PayPal on the telephone twice. The second conversation yielded the information that they were having trouble verifying my Social Security number. They did not tell me which credit rating agency they used. I checked with all three and found that they all had my correct Social Security number. I also learned that PayPal had not checked with any of the three major credit rating agencies operating in the United States. My findings badly damage the credibility of PayPal. I would not trust them with bank account information. Ebay must be suffering a loss of business from this abusive treatment of its customers. PayPal is truly a self-destructive business.

  23. Vera on

    Just got off the phone from paypal – the same story. I was actually surprised that paypal could do that.
    I would name this paypal process to force people to give them the access to the personal accounts, as well as reluctantly assign for their credit card is –absolutely unethical– .
    I would have difficulty to recall any other merchant doing something like that.
    And I am surprised that many people are actually silently accepting that.
    What about discussion on a radio, that it would go public ?

  24. freddie on

    Same old with me. Won’t be “verified” either. Don’t really need it as most places I wish to shop accept my credit card number. Besides, my wife will be happy that I don’t spend so much money. Paypal can put policy in a purient place.

  25. greg on

    After fightingPaypal with the verification needed after spending $10,000 I have finally found a way around their encroachment.
    You open a bank account and keep $10.00 in it then your;verified. You never desposit another cent in that account and you then with a few extra clicks when you check out can still use your credit or debit card. Screw these money mongers

  26. Rick on

    Ebay 13 years, paypal 8 years, no problems. Same verification issue – no way will I give a greedy company my bank or personal info. I stopped selling thru eBay several years ago when they started playing games with sellers. Never thought they would try to screw with buyers – their paying customers. Guess I’ll sit back and watch them choke off their business while I spend my money elsewhere.

  27. kier on

    i have just had a sale declined by Paypal because my sending limit has been reached, I must now provide my bank account info, or “SURPRISE” apply for the credit card of their choice, can you say kickback!!! I am so disgusted, why isnt this extortion made more public? I dont have a problem getting re-verified, then having a new sending limit set, using my credit card, as i have been doing for the past 8 years. What a great deal for them and MasterCard, marriage made in Greed Heaven!

  28. kier on

    Had payment declined because of reaching sending limit. I now need to give bank account info or “Surprise”, apply for the much safer Paypal MasterCard, you know, its all in my best interest to get their card. This is extortion, dateline, 20/20 or someone needs to investigate this. I dont have a problem getting re-verified, if thats what this is all about, just let me continue to use the credit card of my choice, as I have been doing for 8 years. Very, very lousy, skeevy way to do business. As mentioned, most people just go along with this greedy scam, and Paypal will get their kickback, MasterCard will have people on the hook with their 25% interest credit card, all in the name of making your account so much safer…

  29. John Kruger on

    Ditto! I cancelled my PayPal today 5/19/2015. I work in IT fraud and this is a red flag. PayPal allowed a separate company to advertise on there website for PayPal credit. I thought I was using my credit account since my balance was always zero. This company is crooked and needs investigated. I cancelled my own credit card knowing they would hit it sooner or later. PayPal allowed a credit card company to pretend they are the same and they are not. PayPal is becoming to be last place on the internet and they deserve to go bankrupt.

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