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: Saturday, January 21, 2012, 8:05

21-day withholding of funds despite unblemished record

Here’s another example of the corporate screwing of customers. After more than a dozen years as an eBay-Paypal customer, with NEVER a dispute, with 100% feedback and 427 transactions, they have put a 21-day hold on all eBay sales funds received in my Paypal account. They have no reasonable explanation, and it truly, truly sucks as an example of how NOT to treat loyal customers. Of course, it’s really some loophole they’ve found in federal law to hold onto our funds while earning interest on them. I’m not alone, they have done this to thousands of even trouble-free users of eBay-Paypal. I guess they learned little from Bank of America and Verizon. If anyone else reading this has had the same experience w/ eBay-Pay, here’s the class-action firm where you can join the lawsuit:

Submitted By:: ackite

Location-: Massachusetts

8 thoughts on “21-day withholding of funds despite unblemished record
  1. Juda on

    21 days holding is one of their favorites. Paypal claims processing time for orders 2-3 business days, a week the most but anyone who has ever used them knows that is not true. I had orders coming in for months with no problems but my account was limited after one transaction and since then all my orders are held for an insane about of time.

  2. Joanne Crock on

    Paypal blames ebay. I have 99.4% EXCELLENT feedback, I ship next day after paying, I meet ALL of their requirements on every level. I’ve been selling for 13 years like this and all of a sudden they are withholding my funds even after item shows delivered. They have no right to hold on to MY money. It is my product, My payment, MY money My paycheck that I use for paying my household bills. I want in on the class action suit.

  3. Walter Haenel on

    I have a 100% feedback history , have been a member since 2001, and now they are holding payment for 21Days.
    It sucks

  4. Mike on

    Not only do they hold your money for 21 days, but they also hold your money for 3 days after you transfer funds to your bank account. AND they limit the amount you can transfer to $500 per month. They are holding our money hostage! How is this legal?

  5. Pamela La Londe on

    My account with EBAY of which I had since 2008 was indefinitely suspended and all the work I had put into my site was deleted without me being able to save it to a file because I was notified after their deleting all of my auctions, some of which had active bidding. They told me on the phone that I could no longer sell on EBAY but I could still buy. They told me that my seller performance was below standard. It was the first time in five years. What had occurred is that I had switched two labels by accident on two buyers and I had sent out an item that I had cleaned with leather cleaner and the customer stated that it smelled. According to EBAY policy it is written that if a customer has a complaint that they are to contact the seller before filing a case in the Resolution center. None of the three people had contacted me and filed a case directly without me knowing it. The problem was solved with the switched labels and the one customer came back and purchased more from me. I had received great feedback from these two tranactions. EBAY starte4d holding my money after these tree things occurred in August so I callde my state attorney general of which they complied and released my money. They then put stipulations on me as to needing to sell more than twenty items before the next evaluation. In their email to me , they had admitted that my seller performance was a lot “better” according to their standards but still made the decision to obliterate my account without notifying me so I could not back up all of my files

  6. Jeff Martin on


    Not only am I confused but I find myself insulted. After years of using PayPal as my funding source for ALL my eBay sales and purchases I find myself categorized as a financial risk to PayPal which was easily identified once your unprovoked action to place limits on my account came into play.

    I can list the communication and events between PayPal and myself in order, but you have all that information there at your fingertips INCLUDING the unprofessional roadblocks you have armed your frontline representatives with when approached with this problem. No personal attention was extended at all, even when communication with PayPal supervisors became possible, just a flow of company gibberish as if reading off of a company printed and endorsed question and answer card.

    My strengths mentioned in a positive manor to continue this relationship were highlighted over the phone by myself and simply ignored. They are as follows.
    a) Length of relationship {in years NOT months}
    b) Zero money problems or chargebacks recorded in my past history
    c) EBay power seller with “Top Seller Status’ accounting for 4496 transactions
    and a quarter million in sales
    d) $7460.00 credit line with PayPal Credit

    All that seemed to matter was to secure and hold onto any funds over a set level REGARDLESS of the damage it may cause to all concerned. Seller, Buyer, eBay, PayPal. At first glance I began to wonder if PayPal got turned down for a bank loan or found themselves running short on operational cash, if such the case? Is it fair to seek out and obtain this funding through their customer base, to hold back monies promised and due to them with zero accountability past a “short notice” email?
    Naturally I’m hoping for a good resolution to the above matter, not very comfortable with a company holding onto my money who might need it more than I.

    Bottom-line, this dangerous and unethical method of holding back others money for personal gain needs to be corrected. At this point I’m considering to change all my eBay listings by removing PayPal as the funding source. I have the ability to run credit cards if needed or might entertain going through Merchant Inc. and will do so if PayPal forces me into that direction.

    So looks like it’s time for PayPal to show its true colors. Time to make a CHOICE.
    A) Go back to operating like the company I started with, one which truly does put its honest customers first.
    B) Continue down the path of greed and inappropriate financial behavior.

    Naturally, I await your response.


  7. PayPal-Terminator on

    The Ahol’s did the same thing to me. They put 21 day holds on 3 of our accounts in under 3 weeks. They couldnt be linked whatseover. The second the lawsuit was over, PayPal returned to their BS tactics. After 3 years, the reason for their hold was total BS saying our account was no new. The fact that they have some program automatically closing accounts for the reason all 3 21 limits happeneda t the same exact time in a 3 week period. Thats why you never ship anything out until the funds are in your bank account. The fact that when you call PayPal and ask them piont blank if the funds will be released in 21 days, you get no answer from anyone there.

  8. Ricardo on

    Paypal has blocked my account… Open a new one and holding all my cash flow forcing me to close the doors… POOR, POOR, POOR sevices…

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